Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A lot of progress has been made, I'm surprised how much I got done!! But now I'm at a stumbling block, I haven't found things that would be the finishing pieces to make Yoko's hat, cuffs, and collar 'complete'. I feel the need for shiny stuff, hehe.  All I would add would be something tiny and shiny but I haven't found anything that would work. Since I'm only buying stuff 40%+ off reg price or with a coupon to make it that much off my options are kinda limited. With two weeks to go and a few different craft stores in town hopefully something will pop up I can use! The only stuff I've bought full price are threads, needles, buttons, and feathers. But here is a tease of Yoko's hat, this part is pretty much finish so I don't feel bad sharing it. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Work in Progress photo

I was taking pictures of Yoko wearing the collar I made and googles to share and guess who decided to join in the photo? LOL. Just had to share. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crafts Whoops

Lori is trying to make me something fashionable to wear when we go to Corpus Christ for Realms con in three weeks and realized she forgot to get thread for the jean material! She's a stickler for being frugal so she is trying to make a collar and little paw-wristlets from one of her old work jeans that ripped beyond repair. She now has jean shorts to wear around the house! Dogs are only allowed at the hotel, which I will most likely be the only non-service dog there, but since we will be at an anime and steampunk convention she figured I might as well have some dazzles to fit in when she takes me out to potty and for walks. If she has time and figures out how to make one I'm gonna have a hat though I'm not too sure about that idea!

I have been on several trips with Lori to visit family or take short trips to places like the coast but never to a crowded hotel like during a convention. Lori is packing treats but more importantly small flashlights. When I get spooked or nervous treats don't work with me, even though pros like Cesar Millan says the best way is through a dog's nose. Lori found that my hunting genes did give her a tool to snap me out of it. I can become obsessed with chasing small lights and just the hint of a flick will get my attention and if I focus on it then I'm out of my fear zone. Lori can turn the light off and I forget what made me nervous. She'll most likely have to do this a lot to get me used to the crowds and costumes and give me treat rewards to stay focus on her. But she knows it works, I used to be such a coward and now I can sometimes be too social and demand attention of strangers once I'm comfortable!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nothing new... for now

We didn't come anywhere near placing in the Camp Bow Wow Furry Fitness challenge. I have had foot problems the last two months, much to Lori's annoyance and puzzlement to the vets, and have not been allowed to do much running or walking. I've only been out for potty breaks and occasional trips. I'm on the mend, hopefully my weird foot problem will be over soon. Also its just been too darn hot. Last weekend it was a 110F!! Only recently has it been less than a 100, but for most of the past 3 months we've been hitting a 100 or higher.

Some good news is that as of right now I will be traveling with Lori and a friend of hers to a convention called Realms Con in Corpus Christi in October. The hotel allows pets and its cheaper to take me than board me. As much as Lori is looking forward to it with all the normal Anime convention normal stuff its the new stuff that has Lori eager to go. Steampunk is looking to have a good foot hold at the convention and a Steampunk band called Abney Park will be there. Also Tom Felton (he plays Draco Malfoy) will be there. And the reason I'm going is because Lori knows from experience there will be hours of down time in between events, she likes anime but not so much most of the stuff at anime conventions, and would rather spend it with me. The only real conventions Lori might not have any down time would be Comic Con in San Diego or Dragon Con if she's ever able to go.

Sure, we're going to get a lot of looks. People are going to be puzzled why Lori would drag me long, but that's normal. Lori recently got me 'doggles' to help my eyes from the horrible sun, so I have part of the Steampunk thing down.