Saturday, November 12, 2011

Paws on the Patio

A few weeks ago the on the Monday before Halloween Lori took me to the Paws on the Patio by the Humane Society at the Canyon Cafe at the Quarry Market.

The section off part of the parking lot next to the resturant just for the event! There were hundreds of people!!!

Lori has attended this event with Lucky in its first or second year a long time ago but was never able to go again until this year. It was the ninth year for Paws on The Patio. They had costume contests every hour when the event started at 4 but we didn't get there until after 6pm.

I sadly didn't win anything but I got a three course meal!! Lori hasn't been doing a very good job in taking pictures for my blog! She admits it but she was so busy talking to people at our table she didn't realize the servers had brought my next course of food until I was already gobbling it down! The courses were a salad with bacon bits, rice with veggies and chicken, and a dog friendly peanut butter ice cream! We stayed until it got dark and then Lori took me around to get pictures in the Quarry with my outfit.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Realms Con

We had a mixed visit with Realms Con. It felt a lot smaller than Lori anticipated, it also didn't help Lori forgot her hearing aid in the rush to head down to Corpus Christi. Lori is hearing impaired in one ear so its not that conversation is impossible but difficult and can be frustrating in crowds. Lori's friend Ghazal went with us but she stayed in the hotel with me because she's studying hard on some of her Master level course work. But I love Ghazal, she played with me when she took breaks from studying while Lori was at the convention and took me too the beach too!

Unfortunately Tom Felton had to cancel due to schedule conflicts with a movie and a lot of events were around him since he was a head guest. Also a few panels Lori was looking forward to from the Asian Culture Museum were cancelled too. She did get to see Abney Park, the band that was the main reason we were going to Realms Con, so it wasn't a complete disappointment. She also got a hat from Airship Isabella! She had been wanted one by them since she saw a few at San-Japan, which I might be going to with her next year! Speaking of Airship Isabella I got a lot of attention from them and got my picture taken with Captain Whittaker!!

I was a little star at the hotel, people loved my outfit. Everyone was surprised I was so well behaved too! When we were checking into the hotel a huge blond lab got away from his owner and came running into the lobby. I was perfectly calm and ignored him as he ran around. He wasn't bad, just excited and wanted attention, but all the old ladies in the lobby heaped praises every time they saw me.

I got a lot of practice wearing my costume and getting use to Lori putting it on and taking it off. Most of my trips outside for potty or walks I wore it and got a lot of attention. I didn't get spooked when a lot of little kids started squealing and giving me lots of pets while all dressed up. Not too many people from the convention saw me because none of the events were at the hotel but everyone who did see me said I was a very pretty girl and some asked for my picture. Lori was able to see a few people she knew but most of the time she didn't have her camera with her! Bad Lori! But this is Alice, a Steampunk Gypsy. She was very nice and Lori always loves to talk to her.
I don't think we'll be going to Realms Con again unless they have a guest or band that Lori really wants to go see. But Lori is seriously thinking about taking me to San-Japan next year. The hotel is hosting most of the events and allows doggies. So while I won't be able to go into the events Lori will be able to take me out for a lot more socializing in the hotel and get pictures with people too~ Hopefully with people she missed getting me pictures with because she forgot the camera in the hotel room half the time!
 I loved all the attention but I was ready to go home!

The Humane Society is having a Halloween fundraiser with costume contests every hour during the event in two weeks. We'll be going as soon as Lori gets off work. The following weekend is the Camp Bow Wow annual Halloween Party. I'll be going to that one too! So lots of stuff is happening this month! :)

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Yoko's outfit is done!!

I realized after putting everything on Yoko to make sure it all fit I technically messed up on one of the cuffs. One should be facing in the opposite direction when fastened. Oh well. I can't spend anymore time working on them because I need to get assignments done during the week before our drive to Corpus this coming Friday so I have very little to worry about when we get back that Sunday. If I had a sewing machine I might have tried to make her a vest/dress but since I don't I'm not going to dare try hand sewing one. Here is a picture of her finished work. I'll post photos of her when we get back from Realms Con. :)

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A lot of progress has been made, I'm surprised how much I got done!! But now I'm at a stumbling block, I haven't found things that would be the finishing pieces to make Yoko's hat, cuffs, and collar 'complete'. I feel the need for shiny stuff, hehe.  All I would add would be something tiny and shiny but I haven't found anything that would work. Since I'm only buying stuff 40%+ off reg price or with a coupon to make it that much off my options are kinda limited. With two weeks to go and a few different craft stores in town hopefully something will pop up I can use! The only stuff I've bought full price are threads, needles, buttons, and feathers. But here is a tease of Yoko's hat, this part is pretty much finish so I don't feel bad sharing it. :)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Work in Progress photo

I was taking pictures of Yoko wearing the collar I made and googles to share and guess who decided to join in the photo? LOL. Just had to share. :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Crafts Whoops

Lori is trying to make me something fashionable to wear when we go to Corpus Christ for Realms con in three weeks and realized she forgot to get thread for the jean material! She's a stickler for being frugal so she is trying to make a collar and little paw-wristlets from one of her old work jeans that ripped beyond repair. She now has jean shorts to wear around the house! Dogs are only allowed at the hotel, which I will most likely be the only non-service dog there, but since we will be at an anime and steampunk convention she figured I might as well have some dazzles to fit in when she takes me out to potty and for walks. If she has time and figures out how to make one I'm gonna have a hat though I'm not too sure about that idea!

I have been on several trips with Lori to visit family or take short trips to places like the coast but never to a crowded hotel like during a convention. Lori is packing treats but more importantly small flashlights. When I get spooked or nervous treats don't work with me, even though pros like Cesar Millan says the best way is through a dog's nose. Lori found that my hunting genes did give her a tool to snap me out of it. I can become obsessed with chasing small lights and just the hint of a flick will get my attention and if I focus on it then I'm out of my fear zone. Lori can turn the light off and I forget what made me nervous. She'll most likely have to do this a lot to get me used to the crowds and costumes and give me treat rewards to stay focus on her. But she knows it works, I used to be such a coward and now I can sometimes be too social and demand attention of strangers once I'm comfortable!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Nothing new... for now

We didn't come anywhere near placing in the Camp Bow Wow Furry Fitness challenge. I have had foot problems the last two months, much to Lori's annoyance and puzzlement to the vets, and have not been allowed to do much running or walking. I've only been out for potty breaks and occasional trips. I'm on the mend, hopefully my weird foot problem will be over soon. Also its just been too darn hot. Last weekend it was a 110F!! Only recently has it been less than a 100, but for most of the past 3 months we've been hitting a 100 or higher.

Some good news is that as of right now I will be traveling with Lori and a friend of hers to a convention called Realms Con in Corpus Christi in October. The hotel allows pets and its cheaper to take me than board me. As much as Lori is looking forward to it with all the normal Anime convention normal stuff its the new stuff that has Lori eager to go. Steampunk is looking to have a good foot hold at the convention and a Steampunk band called Abney Park will be there. Also Tom Felton (he plays Draco Malfoy) will be there. And the reason I'm going is because Lori knows from experience there will be hours of down time in between events, she likes anime but not so much most of the stuff at anime conventions, and would rather spend it with me. The only real conventions Lori might not have any down time would be Comic Con in San Diego or Dragon Con if she's ever able to go.

Sure, we're going to get a lot of looks. People are going to be puzzled why Lori would drag me long, but that's normal. Lori recently got me 'doggles' to help my eyes from the horrible sun, so I have part of the Steampunk thing down.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Footies update

Yoko's paw is no longer swollen and icky but the skin remains very red and not a normal pale pink. I'm going to give it this weekend to see if it improves. If it doesn't I'll call her vet to see they recommend anything to soothe it. I'm not going to dare walk her, booties or not, until it is showing signs of a full recovery. We are almost reaching 100F almost every day, with a heat index usually between 100-104.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

What happened?!

I some how got an ouchie. Lori found it this morning when she played with me between studying for a Summer semester final she had today.

I haven't been limping or anything at all! We haven't done any walks in over a week cause of the heat, holidays, relatives, and Lori studying for the final today. She has no idea how I got this.

So she took me to the vet not even half an hour after they opened at 7:30 am since the only time they would be able to look at me was when her exam started. So the vet says I have an infection but thankfully I didn't get any shots! Just pills! But I get yummy treats when I take my pills, so I'm happy!
So, until next time!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Very Zen like

There is Mika! She's so hard to get a photo of. Not at all camera friendly as you can tell. Lori had no idea I was in the photo too until she uploaded it. LOL!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Calendar Contest!

The San Antonio Camp Bow Wow on Facebook is having a calendar contest. They just posted the photos for the contest. The photo with the most 'likes' wins! If you're on Facebook I'd appreciate you're likes! :)


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Furry Fitness Challenge!

In two weeks Lori and I will enter the Furry Fitness Challenge at Camp Bow Wow. The owner and pet that loose the most weight in two months wins, with the grand prize $250 a month voucher for A YEAR. That means daycare, boarding, and baths!! As a college student Lori can rarely send me and struggles to save the money. But with this I can go to daycare several times a week each month or be boarded and allow Lori to try save money to visit Boulder for a Kyudo intensive should they schedule one within the year of the prize. I can't loose too much weight according to the vet, even if I'm slightly pudgy, because I'm an old girl and they worry about when the time comes I will have trouble keeping weight. Lori knows its pretty impractical to get near her skinny high school weight of 110 pounds so she's gonna shoot for 120!  Lori isn't really over weight as some people and knows its very likely someone could easily beat us but we're gonna go for it anyways! It gives here an excuse to take Zumba lessons twice a week with her friend who is leaving to go back to China in July.  Its looking to look like Lori is gonna be unemployed for the summer till her regular job starts up in Aug. She'll walk to the bus stop and ride the bus to summer classes. We'll start doing more dog walks in the evening and visits to the dog park during the week too.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Second Dog Park?!

The park that opened 2 years ago had a phase two opening. A major road splits the part, phase 3 will have a bridge connecting the two sections in a few years. But what I wasn't aware of is the second phase will have another dog park in it, I hadn't seen that in any of the info. I'm wondering if they added it since there was such a demand for it! If our weekend isn't too chaotic we'll try to find the second dog park next weekend!! I'm so excited!!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Port Aransas!

Sorry for it being so long after our trip, Lori got sunburned bad and she still has work. Well, last weekend we went to Port Aransas, or as people say around here Port A. My owner Lori dropped me off at Camp Bow Wow for the day and then went to her last class for the semester and work. She zipped back to pick me up before we headed home to finish packing. She wasn't able to that morning because the power went out and didn't come on till it we were gone. Everything was going good until we were twenty minutes outside of the city in our three hour drive. The roads sucked, bad. It made noise in the car and caused me to be all stressed the entire way down. So going down was not fun AT ALL. And then when we got to the coast my owner got lost because it was dark and even though she had been there before the signs were next to impossible to see. We eventually found our way though and met up with her friend who was already at the hotel. It was 11pm and we were so ready to sleep.

We did a bad job on taking photos of the Mariner Inn were we staying. There are very few places, much less hotels, that are dog friendly. This one was okay and we wouldn't mind staying there again as long as they keep up with improvements. The next morning while Lori's friend and her parents went to a graduation we went to the beach... illegally. Lori forgot she was suppose to get a beach pass! Whoops! We didn't get caught though!

We also had another mishap. Lori bought a cheap beach umbrella on her last trip with another friend last year. Well, it lasted thirty minutes before it bent and broke. Even though I had a 15 foot leash attached to an anchor I had never been to the beach and didn't know what to do. Lori took me to the water but I was confused too.

We left after three hours and crashed back at the hotel waiting for the others to come back to head to a party that was on the beach. But because we didn't know where exactly it was Lori had to tag with her friends and I had to be left behind. She was sad, apparently there were lots of other dogs at the beach.

The next day Lori went and bought a new umbrella and we went to the beach again (with a pass this time!) but left within the hour. The wind got so bad it was being kicked up and hitting us and it hurt. Our trip was short, and we didn't get a lot of beach time and didn't do a lot of things but it was fun. We hope to go again next year if the hotel's policy doesn't change and spend more time at the beach!!

Also, Lori has another great photo of me at the beach she entered for a calendar contest at our Camp Bow Wow! We'll post it after the judging and winners (I hope I'm one of them!) are announced!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Beach? We're going to the Beach?!

Cross your paws people! If all goes well my owner and I shall be making a three hour drive to Port Aransas Friday night for a weekend trip with her best friend! We're so excited because I'm going too!!! Its been so long since we've had a trip! Years!!! My human has to get the car checked out tomorrow to make sure its all a go for launch; she's worried about the tires. 

I'll spend the day at Camp Bow Wow while my human is attending her last day of class for the semester and work. Bags already in the car she'll zip over to pick me up just before closing and we'll  head down the highway.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tickle, spaz, omg

This video reminded us so much of Lucky. He go into a moaning puddle of goo if you rubbed his ears just right, or if you scratched his chest just right he'd thump his right hind leg, tremble, moan, and spaz until he fell over. I wish we had video cameras like we do now 10 years ago! Just has to share this adorable penguin that reminded us so much of Lucky!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Fiesta Pooch Parade!

We made it! We attended the 2011 Fiesta Pooch Parade!!! There were so many people and dogs! I think there were almost 1000 dogs!! Not people and dogs, just counting dogs!!! Lots of small breeds but big ones too! Especially Great Danes! My human saw about ten different Danes! She also saw a Saint Benard puppy, a New Foundland, three Berneses Mountain dogs~ Oh and there might have been a cat too, I'll explain that in a moment. My human didn't get any good photos of me, it got crowded so fast!

Okay, a little background on Fiesta in general. Fiesta started a 120 years ago, yes that's one hundred and twenty, with the battle of flowers. It was in a way to remember several of the battles that gave Texas its independence from Mexico. Now it is a huge party time of ten days but with one important detail. To be an official event it in some shape or form be about fundraising. The Fiesta Fido Coronation that we missed last Saturday was crowning El Rey Fido, El Rey Fido is the top dog in a fundraising contest for the local Humane Society. The Fiesta Pooch Parade raises money for pet programs in general, its had different ties over the years so its a bit sketchy to remember, we're so tired! My human was VERY impressed, several official Fiesta human royalty!!!

This is the Queen of Soul, she arrived first just before the costume contest began. She didn't stay long, she had to go attend of few other Fiesta events before the Flambuea parade tonight!
Then Miss Fiesta San Antonio arrived with her princesses and stayed for the whole costume contests.
And then King Antonio arrived! He took a photo op with King Anbarkio!
We spotted El Rey Fido and a few members of her court but weren't able to see if her Keeper of the Catnip was along, that is the cat that might have been there. 

These are a few of the costume contests my human took, there were over 60 entries!!! I'm glad I'm not a small dog.. lol. My human dresses me up enough when there are holidays! She's thinking of dressing me up next year if she has time to put a Fiesta outfit together.

Yes, that's as mini skirt on that pretty dane! LOL! Then there were cute costumes that weren't even entered in the contest, they were just there for fun!

Now a few parade pictures!! My human couldn't get a photo that showed how long the crowd was as we walked! We were about in the middle of the it.

Don't worry my friends, I'm tired but there were a lot of water stations set up by the parade people and then some of the people living on the route had huge bowls of water between stations too. Lots of Fiesta parties with little kids also lined the parade, giving treats! Plus the parade was early this morning and nice and cool, especially for the big dogs and the senior doggies that came too! I say there were about 300 people just there to watch all of us doggies than to walk in it! We also learned there were people trying to get another dog park in this area built in part of the existing park!
My human is very hopeful! Its even better design that the only current fenced dog park that is near where we live! This one would be a10-15 minute drive away but its in a very nice area that is in a low lying area that is naturally cooler.

I am soooooo tired. I think a nap is in order...