Wednesday, September 28, 2011


A lot of progress has been made, I'm surprised how much I got done!! But now I'm at a stumbling block, I haven't found things that would be the finishing pieces to make Yoko's hat, cuffs, and collar 'complete'. I feel the need for shiny stuff, hehe.  All I would add would be something tiny and shiny but I haven't found anything that would work. Since I'm only buying stuff 40%+ off reg price or with a coupon to make it that much off my options are kinda limited. With two weeks to go and a few different craft stores in town hopefully something will pop up I can use! The only stuff I've bought full price are threads, needles, buttons, and feathers. But here is a tease of Yoko's hat, this part is pretty much finish so I don't feel bad sharing it. :)

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