Saturday, May 21, 2011

Port Aransas!

Sorry for it being so long after our trip, Lori got sunburned bad and she still has work. Well, last weekend we went to Port Aransas, or as people say around here Port A. My owner Lori dropped me off at Camp Bow Wow for the day and then went to her last class for the semester and work. She zipped back to pick me up before we headed home to finish packing. She wasn't able to that morning because the power went out and didn't come on till it we were gone. Everything was going good until we were twenty minutes outside of the city in our three hour drive. The roads sucked, bad. It made noise in the car and caused me to be all stressed the entire way down. So going down was not fun AT ALL. And then when we got to the coast my owner got lost because it was dark and even though she had been there before the signs were next to impossible to see. We eventually found our way though and met up with her friend who was already at the hotel. It was 11pm and we were so ready to sleep.

We did a bad job on taking photos of the Mariner Inn were we staying. There are very few places, much less hotels, that are dog friendly. This one was okay and we wouldn't mind staying there again as long as they keep up with improvements. The next morning while Lori's friend and her parents went to a graduation we went to the beach... illegally. Lori forgot she was suppose to get a beach pass! Whoops! We didn't get caught though!

We also had another mishap. Lori bought a cheap beach umbrella on her last trip with another friend last year. Well, it lasted thirty minutes before it bent and broke. Even though I had a 15 foot leash attached to an anchor I had never been to the beach and didn't know what to do. Lori took me to the water but I was confused too.

We left after three hours and crashed back at the hotel waiting for the others to come back to head to a party that was on the beach. But because we didn't know where exactly it was Lori had to tag with her friends and I had to be left behind. She was sad, apparently there were lots of other dogs at the beach.

The next day Lori went and bought a new umbrella and we went to the beach again (with a pass this time!) but left within the hour. The wind got so bad it was being kicked up and hitting us and it hurt. Our trip was short, and we didn't get a lot of beach time and didn't do a lot of things but it was fun. We hope to go again next year if the hotel's policy doesn't change and spend more time at the beach!!

Also, Lori has another great photo of me at the beach she entered for a calendar contest at our Camp Bow Wow! We'll post it after the judging and winners (I hope I'm one of them!) are announced!


  1. Aww...sorry your time was so short but from the photos, it looks like you had fun! I Love the one of your ears blowing - ha! ha!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. Lovely pictures of you at the beach ! Must have been reallyyyyy fun !
    Here it's not as hot as it is in Texas, it's more something like 86 degrees Fahrenheit - it is enough for me. hehe


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