Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Realms Con

We had a mixed visit with Realms Con. It felt a lot smaller than Lori anticipated, it also didn't help Lori forgot her hearing aid in the rush to head down to Corpus Christi. Lori is hearing impaired in one ear so its not that conversation is impossible but difficult and can be frustrating in crowds. Lori's friend Ghazal went with us but she stayed in the hotel with me because she's studying hard on some of her Master level course work. But I love Ghazal, she played with me when she took breaks from studying while Lori was at the convention and took me too the beach too!

Unfortunately Tom Felton had to cancel due to schedule conflicts with a movie and a lot of events were around him since he was a head guest. Also a few panels Lori was looking forward to from the Asian Culture Museum were cancelled too. She did get to see Abney Park, the band that was the main reason we were going to Realms Con, so it wasn't a complete disappointment. She also got a hat from Airship Isabella! She had been wanted one by them since she saw a few at San-Japan, which I might be going to with her next year! Speaking of Airship Isabella I got a lot of attention from them and got my picture taken with Captain Whittaker!!

I was a little star at the hotel, people loved my outfit. Everyone was surprised I was so well behaved too! When we were checking into the hotel a huge blond lab got away from his owner and came running into the lobby. I was perfectly calm and ignored him as he ran around. He wasn't bad, just excited and wanted attention, but all the old ladies in the lobby heaped praises every time they saw me.

I got a lot of practice wearing my costume and getting use to Lori putting it on and taking it off. Most of my trips outside for potty or walks I wore it and got a lot of attention. I didn't get spooked when a lot of little kids started squealing and giving me lots of pets while all dressed up. Not too many people from the convention saw me because none of the events were at the hotel but everyone who did see me said I was a very pretty girl and some asked for my picture. Lori was able to see a few people she knew but most of the time she didn't have her camera with her! Bad Lori! But this is Alice, a Steampunk Gypsy. She was very nice and Lori always loves to talk to her.
I don't think we'll be going to Realms Con again unless they have a guest or band that Lori really wants to go see. But Lori is seriously thinking about taking me to San-Japan next year. The hotel is hosting most of the events and allows doggies. So while I won't be able to go into the events Lori will be able to take me out for a lot more socializing in the hotel and get pictures with people too~ Hopefully with people she missed getting me pictures with because she forgot the camera in the hotel room half the time!
 I loved all the attention but I was ready to go home!

The Humane Society is having a Halloween fundraiser with costume contests every hour during the event in two weeks. We'll be going as soon as Lori gets off work. The following weekend is the Camp Bow Wow annual Halloween Party. I'll be going to that one too! So lots of stuff is happening this month! :)


  1. I just LOOOOOVE your costume !!! Do you think I could find one that would fit me ?


  2. wow, Yoko – you look fantastic in your costume! What a great adventure you hand going to this conference – so cool!

    Honey the Great Dane