Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Human Finals suck >:p

My poor human is so busy trying to get ready for her semester finals in three weeks. She didn't get to take me to the Rey Fido Coronation this past Saturday, she slept half the day since she doesn't work weekends. She didn't even take me to the dog park or bookstore cause she was so tired and studying for a big test today! She doesn't know if we'll make the Fiesta Pooch parade this coming Saturday either.

She has family coming in this weekend too, and if they catch her out of the house with me doing stuff they'll accuse her of not studying hard enough, being lazy, and making excuses when stuff doesn't get done. They're not doggie people at all! Her uncle actually wanted her to get rid of me and Lucky when she first started taking classes! My human lives alone and doesn't have any directly family anymore, just relatives, and they don't understand how I help her just by being her best friend.

She hopes to get three papers done by Friday and if the relatives wait to arrive Saturday afternoon and not Friday night she'll sneak out with me to the parade since its at 8am Saturday morning.

Keep your paws crossed!


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