Sunday, April 3, 2011

River Walk and Half Price books

In San Antonio one of the things its known for is the River Walk. A few years ago they built a new section and my human took me to this area. The old area is really crowded, even though its very nice, she thought it was best for me to get the sights and smells in a calmer area. She forgot however the one thing they didn't do very well was build or plant trees for shade. When the sun came out 15 minutes after we started walking it got HOT. Only one section of the new area is dog friendly with water bowls at the fountains we discovered so I ended up walking a lot more than planned without a water break. My human didn't find any fountains for herself either. My human had us take a lot of breaks under the bridges where it was really cool, we just had to be sure no pigeons
were over head.

We even walked by the building where my human's mother used to work for many years and stopping for pictures where there were nice decorations and toward edge of the old area. You can tell the old area from the new because the old has a lot of buildings around it and LOTS of shade from really tall tree!

There also lots of ducks. I was a bad girl and tried to chase a few but I didn't dare with the mama ducks with her babies. She gave me nasty eye and I knew better.

I was SO tired, and my human too, we decided to go where I would be allowed in with air conditioning before heading home. We made a short drive to the Broadway location of Half Price Books. My human loves buying some half price books but hates having to sell any books. You hardly get any money from them. You can sell $80-100 worth of books and you'll be lucky to get $10 for ALL of them. My human rarely parts with books but there are some that just aren't her tastes after reading them. The Broadway location is our favorite location to visit because its an old house! There were a lot of people there today so I didn't get many photos.


  1. Oh Yoko! I am so happy that you started a blog too so I can come and follow your adventures!! (and wow - you get to go into a bookstore - how cool is that?! Literally - ha! ha!)

    Anyway, this is just a short visit coz my human is still really busy so I can't stay long but I just wanted to say hi and I'll be back soon to read your posts properly!

    Honey the Great Dane

  2. My human was shocked when she found out a few months ago that dogs were allowed! She's been going to Half Price Books for years. I wish your human luck with their video so we can see more of you soon!


  3. How cooool ! I loved the pictures at the bookstore ! In France, there's no way they'd let me go into any bookstore :-(
    Nice pictures anyway !


  4. Thank you! Hopefully I'll be able to post more in the future! The only reason they're 'allowed' to allow us dogs in is because they don't have a cafe attached to the bookstore like all the large bookstores do and don't have to worry about health codes. Thank you for visiting my blog Lincoln!